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    The successful running of a ship depends on the effort, discipline and teamwork of the entire crew, from Master to Apprentice. Thus we all look for the perfect professional, one who is an expert, a trouble-shooter, a motivator, a trainer, and the one who is always ôready when needed".

    It is important for Ship-owners to avoid unnecessary operating costs and one of the few variable components is crewing. The countervailing influence is ship efficiency and many companies put extra officers and crew onboard above the minimum required to facilitate onboard maintenance and port operations. Likewise high synergy arises in course of seafarers cooperation with different complementary skills (for example: cooperation of people with organizational and technical skills).Hereby, well-skilled and properly selected crew makes shipping more efficient.

    At APAC MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD. we understand the quality of officers and crew are the most important factor in the management of a vessel. Thus, our crew management services apply the highest standards of HR management.